Thursday, June 3, 2010

Final Blog : (

So over the year I have probably written over 15 different posts. To be honest im not really an avid blogger. Blogging is ok, but I would rather do something else like play sports or what not. Over half of my posts were based on school, because I only blog at school. All of the other post were based on my own intresest, like skiing and playing soccer.

I didn't receive a whole lot of comments on any of my blog posts. I think I only got two or three, and they were from my teacher. Pretty much all of my posts recieved the same number of posts... one. I think that might have happened, because none of my posts were really interesting. But, this is probably one of the most interesting posts I have ever written, so be happy!

I changed my blog theme only once. I changed it because the old one I had seemed to deppressing. I think I have 6 different widgets. I think 6 is the perfect number, my favorite widget is my playlist. You know me if I don't have music I would go nuts! The things on my blog that could be improved on is by adding more color. The most distracting thing on my blog was the giant superhero in the beggining.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Awesome Blogs

His blog is cool because he has different pages for each subject.
Her blog is neat because of its design, plus she seems interesting.
Her blog is cool because of its background. she likes to read books.
His blog is nice, he is a lot like me, he like to play the guitar.
Daredevil 17
His design is cool, and he likes to play sports.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The audience of my blog.

I don't think I have the creative license. I don't think I have it, because I'm not a real artsy person. The people who visit my blog mostly are the people in my class, but once and awhile I get someone from a different country.

Animal Farm

This is the song Old Major sings to all of the other farm animals.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010